Bitcoin-Inspired Web Comic Bulltardia Hides 10 Million Satoshi Prize

Nearly $1,000 worth of Bitcoin is available to all for finding the twelve pieces of a wallet's seed expression inside the serialized web comic

Bitcoin-Inspired Web Comic Bulltardia Hides 10 Million Satoshi Prize

A serialized web-comic called Bulltardia is concealing twelve keys which structure a seed expression for a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet containing 0.1 BTC. The initial two scenes are remembered for volume three of the Bitcoin culture fanzine, Citadel 21. 

There have been various open doors for the individuals who like enigmatic riddles and free Bitcoin, from early fortune chases through the lanes of Barcelona, to hints covered up in spray painting workmanship and even a collection brimming with music. 

Presently, particularly for the individuals who like comic books and realistic books, comes another chance to comprehend the pieces of information, decipher the code and access a wallet holding 0.1 BTC ($940 at press time). 

The universes of Bitcoin and comic books impact 

Bulltardia is a serialized web-funny, composed and drawn by Dim Zayan, and holding the twelve intimations to the previously mentioned wallet's seed expression. 

At present the initial two scenes, "A Prayer To The Moon" and "Nectar Badger Doesn't Care" are accessible in the most recent volume of Citadel 21. Future scenes will be discharged over the coming months. 

The story up until this point... 

As one may have seen from the scene titles alone, the Bitcoin motivation is solid. 

There is a shadowy authority flanked by protector bears, detaining the individuals who contrive against the abusive "heavenly church of fiat," and appeal to the moon. 

And afterward there is the irritable nectar badger legend called Bit, who won't do favors for nothing, and is somewhat of an imp, everything considered. He gets sent on a strategic his dad, Satoshi, to restore a moonstone (bearing a Bitcoin B) to the moon, and ideally grow up a piece on the excursion. 

. Zayan guarantees that the up and coming scene three will present an imposing supervillain and make plentifully clear the explanation behind the funny cartoons title, Bulltardia. 

Meanwhile, treasure trackers can pore over the initial two scenes searching for words from the seed expression to that wallet. Perusers understand as of now. The primary key is one reason the nectar badger couldn't care less.