Bitcoin of the center east trick lands Canadian expat in Dubai prison

Bitcoin of the center east trick lands Canadian expat in Dubai prison
A Dubai-based Canadian expat has been captured for selling a supposedly fake "Sharia-consistent" digital money and a large group of other easy money scams.

The "Bitcoin of the Center East"

Com focused on a worldwide crowd, including retail speculators from the US, Joined Realm, Canada and Greece. In only one of his plans named the Influence Program (LP) and promising speculators ensured "monetary opportunity" inside a year Com is thought to have raised £4 million ($5.18 million).
His "Habibi coin" cryptographic money, presently useless, was charged as the "Bitcoin of the Center East".
The vast majority of the assets from speculators around the world were wired to the financial balance of a Dubai-based organization claimed by one of Com Mirza's siblings, with immense sums supposedly used to pay for individual costs.
Com and another of his siblings, Rafaqat "Rough" Mirza, utilized U.K.- based online stage Muslim Business person System (MEN) to advance their plans, traversing digital currency, land and training.
One of the plans urged MEN clients to contribute at least £5,000 ($6,480) at any rate 1,500 are refered to as having joined to the supposed trick.

"Com's Instagram posts are presently about nourishment and exercise center"

Bay News refers to the instances of a few Habibi coin financial specialists, every one of whom has lost ventures extending from $1,500 to £14,000 ($18,150). Greece-based Ippokratis Boboras disclosed to Bay news she had put $10,000 in Habibi Coin in 2018:
"I knew about Com Mirza through the web showcasing network where he was viewed as a power. I had individual talks with him by means of Facebook and I sent cash to his own Paypal account,"
U.K. occupant Mohammad Shareef allegedly lost £2000 ($2,590) in the Habibi plot, underscoring that he had held off from contributing until he met Com at his office in Dubai face to face:
"We represented 60 minutes. It wasn't until this year that things began going down. Com's Instagram posts are currently about nourishment and exercise center. It's been a tragic encounter for us. Until today there's been no official word about what has occurred with Habibi Coin."