Bitcoin Scam Artists Under Investigation for Impersonating Police

Canadian police warned about a Bitcoin scam scheme alleged to have stolen over $15,400 from two Strathcona County residents.

Bitcoin Scam Artists Under Investigation for Impersonating Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, is researching two Bitcoin (BTC) tricks in Strathcona County in Alberta, Canada. They claim that fraudsters imitated the neighborhood experts so as to coerce their casualties for cash. 

As indicated by The Sherwood Park News on June 16, one of the casualties got a call by an individual that professed to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, or CRA. The other casualty said that the con artist expressed he was a RCMP official. 

Storing cash into a Bitcoin machine 

The power's report expresses that both unidentified occupants of Alberta's province were approached to pull back money from a bank and afterward store it into a Bitcoin machine. They were informed that if these assets were not paid, the con artists would capture them. 

The casualty who was reached by the phony CRA agent lost just about 12,000 CAD ($8,836) because of the trick. 

The phony RCMP official told the other casualty that his protection number had been undermined, expressing that there were a few misrepresentation charges against him. The trickster requested that the casualty pull back cash from the bank and afterward, as in the other case, store it into a Bitcoin booth. 

Aggregate sum lost in the trick 

The RCMP expressed that people lost more than 21,000 CAD ($15,460) altogether during the trick. They cautioned individuals to contact RCMP promptly on the off chance that they experience dubious, apparently fake endeavors at coercion. They likewise note that residents can check the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center site for data. 

Chantelle Kelly, Strathcona County's RCMP official, remarked: 

"There is no situation where police will contact people mentioning Bitcoin. These con artists regularly contact several individuals trusting somebody will send them cash."