Crazy ecology and blockchain

Crazy ecology and blockchain
A recent speech by Greta Thunberg at the UN, a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, who accused the country's leaders of criminal complicity in the extinction of humanity and wildlife due to a worsening environment, caused an ambiguous reaction both from the ruling elite and among journalists. Even the leaders of France and Germany allowed themselves to carefully criticize environmental activist Greta Thunberg.
And I will touch on the topic of a malicious and condescending reaction to her speech. This is proof that Greta was late with her desperate accusation. Her cry from the UN rostrum and the inadequate reaction of the elite suggests that nothing can radically change anything on our planet, in our common home. We are approaching a disaster. The simplest thing is to call Greta crazy and not change anything. I agree with Greta and I hope that there are many such “crazy” people on the planet. I have the daughter of Eric herself, 16 years old. She is also worried about the environmental situation. She and her school friend won the school business accelerator with the EcoStart environmental project, which we adults have finalized and made global. But more about that below.
Indeed, lying on a home sofa or sitting in a comfortable office, where the views outside the window do not change for years, or strolling through city parks or going out for a picnic in the ennobled forest - the catastrophe seems to be an invention of crazy environmental activists. For most of us, the Earth seems eternal. Above us, though a dirty, but still blue sky. Silent above us, but the birds are singing. And the forest is still standing. In places.
And we make plans. What we leave to the children, what they leave to the grandchildren. And many people think, and how their great-great-grandchildren will live ... Answers: “No way,” “They just won't have time,” “The planet will perish,” do not even come to mind. Nature gave man the opportunity to adapt to everything in a cockroach, so his global killing is comfortable and time-consuming.
This is clearly visible during travels ... In China, where the sun is not visible on a cloudless day, people go in masks. And on the third day you begin to suffocate. Or grab a boat and ride the Ganges, Mississippi or King River. On smelly, almost lifeless rivers with islands of garbage. Or go to Siberia where forests burned down and where Baikal is poisoned ... But we are like cockroaches. We are already used to it. We adapted, easily changing the future life of our descendants to endless consumption. We treat ecologists as urban lunatics, sometimes unaware that approaching our landfill houses is an increase in oncology and allergies due to the frivolous life of mankind, because of the great ability to hide long-term problems “in the closet”.
Of course, Man understands which final can wait for him. He is Homo sapiens. And therefore, he is ready for a serious conversation on an environmental topic. But only in the sense of reading some article by a wise environmental scientist or indignantly like a photo of a garbage island in the ocean ... so that later it would be sweet to yawn and humanly custom to quietly push this whole problem irrelevant for everyday life ... into the pantry. Therefore, when the furious Greta screamed about her conscience “and the betrayal of future generations”, oh, what I want to call her crazy. Undereducated. Not of this world. She shouts: “Disaster!” When there is a clear blue sky, a cozy world outside the window and does not want to run anywhere. Yes and where? To Mars, if there really is an environmental Apocalypse?
But there is another way. I propose creating a fund for future generations. From this fund we will finance environmental projects that have the greatest impact on the ecology of the entire planet. Our Ecostart project, which is a global eco-business expanding the capabilities of the ecosystem, which provides transparency in financing green projects using blockchain technology, can serve as a prototype of such a fund. EcoStart is not just a project for profit, but also a decisive step towards saving our planet.
The main problem faced by environmental projects is the lack of funding for environmental protection. The EcoStart project is another fundraising tool for financing environmental activities:
- A Marketplace uniting all participants of environmental communities (green business, investors, volunteers)
- A Fundraising application -for creating personalized digital tokens as tools for financing environmental (green) projects approved by EcoStart experts
– EcoStart's own cryptocurrency TerraEcoCoin (TECO) generated by our energy-efficient POI algorithm, with automatic transfer of part of the transaction fee to the Environmental Investment Fund
- A private Crypto-messaging system, based on P2P technology
- An Environmental Investment Fund to further finance environmental projects
- A decentralized system of expertise and recommendations
– An open API
- A Space Surface Monitoring Application to find hidden areas of pollution
- A system of motivation for participants of the platform
– An environmental lottery, 50% of the funds remaining after the payment of winnings and operating costs will be directed to the Environmental Investment Fund
Our team is ready to develop and promote the EcoStart project and preferred convertible stock will be issued to attract investors.
Join us. Planet earth is your home too.
You can find out more about the Ecostart project on the website: