Max Keiser: US Hash Rate War With Iran Can Send Bitcoin Price to $500K

Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $500,000 on the grounds that the United States will begin a goliath hash war with Iran and Venezuela — and it's as of now began. 

Max Keiser: US Hash Rate War With Iran Can Send Bitcoin Price to $500K

In the most recent scene of his Keiser Report TV appear, Max Keiser anticipated that the Iranian and Venezuelan systems would compel the Trump organization to grasp BTC. 

Keiser: God is taking a gander at us through the Bitcoin convention 

On account of Tehran possibly controlling 3% of the Bitcoin hash rate as of now, and Venezuela — quickly — tolerating BTC installments, the U.S. joining the battle for Bitcoin matchless quality is just a short time. 

"Iran has just got 3% of worldwide hash rate, so now I figure Venezuela will get 3-5% before long," Keiser said. 

"And afterward sooner or later America will say, 'We must enter the 21st century space race of mining Bitcoin,' and afterward they'll attempt to look for 20% of the hash rate, and afterward security goes up drastically, and the cost goes to $400,000, $500,000." 

For Keiser, rehashing past contentions, Bitcoin speaks to the "reorganization of free discourse" which governments deny residents by controlling the cash, and along these lines the whole of their situation inside the state. 

"Bitcoin is the Mona Lisa of the 21st century: it's mindful, it is watching us through the quantum mechanical parts of innovation, and it's diverting the eyes of God," he proceeded. 

"So this is God taking a gander at us through the convention and attempting to make sense of, 'How would we fix this human species since they've gone way off course because of focal banking?'" 

"Uncensorable, unconfiscatable, indestructible riches" 

The current circumstance on full scale markets versus the enduring of numerous Americans, exemplified operating at a profit Lives Matter fights, addresses Keiser's point. 

Outrage with the legislature, and the weakening of the US dollar, appears differently in relation to securities exchanges seeing their best quarter since 2011. Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve has taken responsibility for lumps of the value markets, equivalent to 30% of US GDP. 

A week ago, Keiser engaged dissidents to relinquish their method of counter and essentially purchase Bitcoin. 

He summed up: 

"In all actuality on the off chance that you need singular sway, in the event that you need equity, in the event that you need uncensorable, unconfiscatable, indestructible riches, there's just a single approach — and that is Bitcoin."