Today Bitcoin Can Break a Record From October 2013: BTC Price Analysis (UPDATED)

Bitcoin’s price set another all-time high, this time at $24,200 (Bitstamp). Nine days ago, the daily low was $17,565. Since hitting that level, the primary cryptocurrency had gone through a fantastic journey of eight consecutive daily green candles.

Today Bitcoin Can Break a Record From October 2013: BTC Price Analysis (UPDATED)

This is the longest time of successive day by day green candles since June 2019's bull run (8 candles). On the off chance that the present light will close above $23,840, however a green flame, this will end up being the longest period since October 2013. 

In those days, Bitcoin had experienced ten green days where the cost expanded from $121 to $147. 

This reality can simply stress how great this bull run is. Very few individuals expected another unequaled high even before 2021. 

BTC Support and Resistance Levels To Watch 

While bitcoin had entered a value disclosure domain, where there is no genuine protection from the bullish side, we can depend on the top-yellow climbing line on the accompanying day by day diagram. 

This line was begun shaping mid-October and now lies around $24,500 – $24,600. Before that, the primary obstruction level for Bitcoin is the current ATH at $24,200. 

Further above falsehoods the mental degrees of $25,000 and $26,000. 

As the RSI is getting almost 80, there is a high likelihood of an approaching value revision. 

From beneath, the primary degree of help currently lies around the present low at $23,000 – $23,200, alongside the principal green climbing pattern line. 

Further underneath lies 0.236 Fibonacci Level around $22,250, trailed by the 0.382 and 0.5 Fibonacci levels – $21,405 and $20,673, separately. 

Further underneath lies the past unequaled high of December 2017 at around $20,000. 

Update: Sunday Ended Red 

As of December 21, 12:40 UTC and following Sunday's red light, the record structure October 2013 hadn't been broken. This had prompted a gigantic amendment as the can be on the refreshed outline underneath: