A cryptocurrency wallet bot is now available on Telegram in Colombia, South America, and Kenya.

The global launch of the third-party cryptocurrency bot, Wallet, is commencing on Telegram Messenger in multiple countries across Latin America and Africa.

A cryptocurrency wallet bot is now available on Telegram in Colombia, South America, and Kenya.

The global debut of the cryptocurrency trading bot Wallet is occurring on Telegram Messenger, launching in various countries across Latin America and Africa. TOP, associated with TOP Labs and Wallet, a Dubai-based investment platform, has announced the global rollout of the Wallet crypto bot on November 10.

Users in Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, and several other countries in Africa and Latin America can now access the Wallet crypto bot directly from the Telegram settings menu. While the Wallet bot has been available to global users for some time, this new update allows users to see and use Wallet without actively searching for it, aiming to simplify access to crypto for individuals less familiar with digital assets.

Aside from the default custodial wallet, users can also leverage Wallet's self-custody solution, TON Space, enabling decentralized swaps within TON Space and facilitating the transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the self-custody wallet.

TOP's decision to launch Wallet in developing markets aligns with its goal to expand access to financial tools in regions where such accessibility is limited. With a significant user base on Telegram in these areas, TOP sees the potential for Wallet to be a catalyst for crypto adoption.

Following the initial launch in Latin America and Africa, the next phase is set to introduce Wallet in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Turkey in the first quarter of 2024. The complete global rollout of Wallet on Telegram is anticipated to conclude by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

Despite Wallet's integration into the Telegram settings menu, both Telegram and Wallet clarified that they operate independently from one another. Andrew Rogozov, TOP's CEO, emphasized the commitment to simplifying the crypto experience while ensuring robust security features for mainstream audiences.

Andrew Rogozov, who was once the CEO of VK.com, a social media platform created by Telegram founder Pavel Durov, resigned from VK in January 2022 to become a founding member of the TON Foundation. He also founded First Stage Labs, which merged with Wallet and rebranded as TOP.