Interview with CEO of Rowan Energy, David Duckworth.

Interview with CEO of Rowan Energy, David Duckworth.

Q1) What is your own background briefly?

Traditionally I work in Networks and Firewalls for large financial companies such as Aviva and Barclays capital.  I have also a history in running businesses in the Property investment & printing industries and I have even run a pub in the past.  In 2014 I built and ran an enterprise-level bitcoin mine. 

Q2) Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Well yes to an extent,  technology and coding have always been a part of my life since I was even a teenager. Rowan has enabled me to scratch two passions of mine,  technology/crypto and renewable energy.  But I do not have an energy background.  But I have hired people into my team with many years' experience in that area.

Q3) How were the last 6 months in this industry?

Surprisingly good actually. I've run Rowan from home since the start anyway,  the only difference is we had some face to face meetings which we now do online.  Rowan is dedicated to the concept of a zero-carbon commute.   But everyone is doing it now :-)

Q4) Short pitch for what you are planning to do now for Rowan Energy/ why did you launch Rowanenergy?

Rowan Energy has always been about getting every house fitted with solar panels.  We aim to achieve this by increasing the rewards solar owners can earn for the clean solar energy they produce.

Q5) What are your goals in 2020 for RWN?

Our aim by the end of the year is to have 5000 users onboard as solar producers making collectively 100MW/h of energy per day saving a massive 50k KG in carbon. This will allow us to launch our first crypto product onto the market which is a new tokenized renewable energy certificate. 

Q6) What do you think about the market conditions now and how they will affect RWN after listing?

Crypto is an odd game right now.  I've been in crypto since early 2014.  I was introduced to it by my father in law (who now takes credit for any success I ever have).  So I know bitcoin goes up and bitcoin goes down.  I think that ICO's and IEOs are not the way forward anymore. Businesses should build a product, launch on exchanges and build their community and then meet your deliverables.

Q7) Tell us about your team / who do you have onboard so far?

We are a team of 17 members of staff!  The core exec team is a mixture of technical, energy and financial individuals.  We also have a climate specialist and a solid marketing team. Our dev team ran by our CTO and I,  are 4 very talented and dedicated professionals.  I have never known team work so hard for a cause.  I am both inspired and amazed by them every day.

Q8) How can people find out more about Rowan Energy?

The usual places, our website is always being updated,  we have our twitter account and of course our telegram group.

Q9) Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Rowan Energy is a three-phased project.  Phase 1 was to build a low powered (therefore low carbon) blockchain, build our community and get the word out. Phase 2 is to get as many of our Rowan mining smart meters as possible. Generating an income for solar owners making it a viable investment once again.  We are going to decentralize the energy market, or as I like to say Uberize it.   We are going to make every household an energy company.