Interview with Founder of UCROWDME, Greg Griffiths

Interview with Founder of UCROWDME, Greg Griffiths

Q1) What is your own background briefly?

Greg is a globally recognized industry professional who has spent nearly 20 years working across innovation, software and technology industries with Fortune 500 companies. His proven expertise lies within sales, innovation and strategy, business transformation, complex bid management and leadership. Greg has worked internationally in Sydney, London, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Japan, United States and New Zealand.

Q2) Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Greg has always had an entrepreneurial and business-focused mindset that has given him exposure across different types of technology, global sales and marketing and business implementation. Through his previous experience working in Sydney, Greg had noticed a significant gap in the innovation and consumer insights industry back in April 2014. Greg’s idea was initially built around the concept of ‘eBay for Ideas’ where global companies could purchase both ideas and consumer insights through a structured technology process that would use ‘Artificial Intelligence’ at the core of the validation framework.

Q3) How was the last 3 months in this industry?

These are very challenging times considering a global pandemic with COVID-19, which is why you have seen many businesses not being able to continue or sustain historical levels of growth, especially in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries. What we have seen is many businesses

have flourished, these organizations have had to pivot, find new ways to engage their customers, partners and suppliers adopting a new framework in which to operate. It is critical that organizations factor-in the current status quo for the foreseeable future and find new creative ways to operate and grow in this demanding market.

Q4) Short pitch for what you are planning to do now for ucrowdme/ why did you launch ucrowdme?

Our main goal is to make innovation, insights and rewards available for the 4.4+ Billion internet users and empower the 270 Million companies that do not have the applicable technology - to help them innovate, be more competitive, or disruptive. We are visionaries who believe that a new software industry called ‘Ideas/Insights as a Service’ is critical to the world we live-in let alone right now during one of the worst pandemics seen in generations.

Most global companies (95% plus) cannot afford to implement, run and manage an ideation or insights platform, let alone administer customer insights, rewards, gamification, or an online marketplace. The barrier to entry for these companies is too high. This means that innovation and customer insights are significantly thwarted for this audience and hence why global growth across innovation and insights is stalling.

 We validate all ideas and customer insights that are generated. We only send you quality data that you can action. We automate all admin tasks to better help you manage and engage with your customers.

Q5) What are your goals in 2020 for UCM?

The first goal is successfully executing an IEO listing with ProBit Exchange (Seoul) starting today June 22nd and finishing on July 12th 2020. Our second goal is the immediate development of the UCROWDME platform with our global development partners located in the U.S., Columbia and the U.K. This second phase is the most important which is why we have already spent hundreds of hours on the platform architecture and AI-powered algorithms. We are looking at a 6-7 month build so that we can soft-launch in January 2021 and look to an official launch in March/April 2021.

Our third goal kicks-off as soon as the IEO listing is completed involving new; soft-launch Pilot registrations, paid subscriptions with global/local organizations including NGOs and Government and building-out the UCROWDME brand and reputation in-market. We currently have access to 7 million users in Australia and should be in a position where we have access to 30 million users before our soft-launch date.

The fourth key goal will be our operational, go-to-market strategy that will simultaneously launch in Australia, Singapore/ASEAN and the UK securing a strong uncontested foothold and then strategically grow into another key global/local markets where innovation and consumer ideas and insights play a significant part of their economy. We have already identified the next wave of targeted countries that will form part of our strategic growth plans for 2021/22.

Q6) What are your expectations with your ieo on probit?

Our partnership with ProBit is new territory for us and one we see as a great opportunity to reach a much wider audience of interest within our business. We see every UCM token holder as a potential user on the platform as they can continue to contribute and get rewarded within our marketplace.

ProBit has been very successful in their own growth as an IEO exchange, and we have been talking to them for quite a while about UCM - and they have always believed in our vision. So naturally we believe this listing with ProBit will be mutually beneficial and successful for all parties involved and beyond.

Q7) Tell us about your team / who do you have onboard so far?

We have a global advisory team that spans the U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong, Columbia, Australia and the United Kingdom. Our team comprises leading industry professionals within their respective industries with many years of experience delivering and/or running their-own businesses. The key pillars within our team focus on technology, sales, marketing and operations with two of our advisors both running, established technology and software development businesses. This gives us the ability to extract only the very best talent and experience from these teams giving us the best of both worlds. This is why we are so confident in our ability to execute and deliver the most disruptive and socially innovative platforms ever seen!

Q8) How can people find out more about ucrowedme?

Currently the best way for people, investors or potential partners is to visit our website, email us or review the following trusted websites/blogs to learn more about what we are doing and why!
ProBit   Telegram

Q9) How the people coming up with ideas will be rewarded by ucrowdme?

Great question. Our multi-faceted global business model consists of; an ideas marketplace, insights, rewards platform, idea sponsorship and advertising through a paid subscription or SaaS model.

Our platform offers free access to every global citizen so that they can post their conceptual or registered ideas for monetization and share their thoughts, feedback and opinions directly with their favorite brand, product, service, or organization. UCROWDME rewards global citizens based on their interaction and contribution on the platform and provides gamification to motivate and empower global citizens.

 If these insights are validated by organizations then they will be rewarded for their efforts in terms of platform tokens that can be redeemed against millions of rewards via Amazon, epoints and many other global partners that we are negotiating with right now! Our rewards goal is to create a program of real value whereby people, users, inventors, etc are actually rewarded with worthwhile rewards versus the lame traditional approach!!

Q10) Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

In the past 2 weeks, UCROWDME has amassed an incredible following across our social media channels and with the ProBit Exchange. The response has been overwhelming with over 90,000x users signed-up and registered on our social media. This gives us great insight into not just the belief in this IEO project but in the longevity of our business goals and objectives.

Finally, we have created a brand new software industry called ‘Ideas as a Service’ to deliver upon our vision and beliefs and truly make ideas and insights affordable for everyone, 24/7 and on-demand.