ROWAN ENERGY BLOCKCHAIN Community Fed Green Energy.

ROWAN ENERGY BLOCKCHAIN Community Fed Green Energy.

Rowan Energy Blockchain holds the key to moving away from shareholder driven energy providers and allowing everyday people the opportunity to take responsibility for their own energy consumption. Our platform enables owners of the roof to solar to sell their energy to other consumers peer to peer. Not only increasing rewards for generating your own energy but speeding up the payment terms to almost instant. Rowan Token (RWN) is an ERC20 token based on the Rowan Energy POA Blockchain a side chain off Ethereum.

Imagine this if you will. You have solar panels on your roof and they are fitted with a battery and a small low-powered Rowan Miner. You produce electricity, you use some and the rest is stored in your battery. Excess energy is then fed onto the grid when the demand is high. Your fed energy is bought by your neighbor and paid for using tokens directly into your wallet. That token can then be used towards your energy bill, it can be held for future growth or sold on a public exchange – instantly. The token can even be donated to your favorite charity if you so wish. The consumer of your energy can look at their dashboard and see where the energy they are using is being produced how it’s being produced. Everyone in this vision also gets rewards for validating the transactions using their Rowan Miner.


You can participate in ‘VIP’ Airdrop Follow the Below Instructions:

  • Start the bot (@rowanbot)
  • Download Ankerpay Mobile Wallet 
  • Create rowan wallet in Ankerpay and copy the address and submit it in bot
  • After that click on get a bonus and select either BTC and ETH to buy
  • The minimum number of tokens to buy is 50. So in response to the message after payment option, you must send a value either 50 or more than it
  • After payment send the transaction hash and within few hours RWN will in your Ankerpay wallet


Rowan will be listing on Latoken and exchanges on 1st of july.