Dairy Queen launches NFT pop-up shop in China

The NFT pop-up shop, co-sponsored by Weirdo Ghost Gang, is scheduled to operate until the conclusion of the year.

Dairy Queen launches NFT pop-up shop in China

Dairy Queen has teamed up with local non-fungible token (NFT) project Weirdo Ghost Gang (WGG) to launch a pop-up NFT store in Chengdu, China. Running from November 15 to December 31, the "Ice and Snow Season" themed store will offer co-branded merchandise, including a Dairy Queen-WGG themed ice cream. WGG NFT holders will receive exclusive perks during this period. The collaboration aims not only to highlight Dairy Queen's digital marketing efforts but also to provide consumers with a nuanced understanding of the NFT art IP, WGG, creating enhanced experiences and connections.

The Chunxi Road in Chengdu where the Dairy Queen-WGG NFT store will open. (Source: Wikipedia)

WGG, known for its collection of 5,555 "Lil Ghosts" NFTs, created by Hong Kong Web3 holding company ManesLab in 2021, has gained popularity in the Asia-Pacific region. The NFT collection has achieved a trading volume exceeding 21,510 Ether (ETH), equivalent to $43.5 million, since its inception. With a floor price of 0.485 ETH ($995.2), WGG has engaged in various partnerships, including a recent event in Shanghai and the display of NFT art at Beijing's shopping hub, The Box.

Amid the crypto market's challenges, NFT projects like WGG are seeking collaborations with traditional businesses for marketing initiatives. The Dairy Queen-WGG collaboration follows the trend of NFT projects partnering with brick-and-mortar firms or Web2 entities for mutual marketing benefits.