JPGOLDCOIN has commenced its MAIN ICO SALES on September 20th 2021. These sales will end October 31st 2021, then followed up with listing on top listing platforms. Coins can be purchased on JPGOLDCOIN platform at the ICO price of 1 JPGC = $ 1.

March 2021: The JPGOLDCOIN Token hit the market March 8th  2021 with announcement on Investograph and other prominent cryptocurrency investors platform. So far, the token has enjoyed a lot of goodwill, purchase and a community of active investors- Join our Telegram community to get 24/7 updates and support.

Japaul Gold and Ventures PLCJaPaul Gold and Ventures PLC is a multibillion dollars group of company trading on stock exchange market, with over 20 years’ experience in exploration globally. Its headquarters is in sub-Saharan Africa also have partners across the seven continents.

Its speciality in mining and distribution of solid minerals in Africa, middle east, Europe and North America birthed the development of JPGOLDCOIN in order to ease the ownership and distribution of gold globally. The JPGC token is developed on Ethereum blockchain technology, highly secured and a globally acceptable gold ownership certificate is issued, this unique hybrid features of the JPGOLDCOIN is what makes it stands out in the market and a top investment choice.


  • Profitability: The profitability of the coin, hinges on the exchange of values, transferability, divisibility, security, portability and ease.
  • A hedge against Inflation: Despite a dwindling economic situation, JPGoldcoin does not decrease in value.
  • Collateral: It can serve as collateral for taking loans to buy cars, a house, among other things, because the token is gold-backed.
  • Wise investment: Investors can buy gold at the lowest cost possible.
  • Hybrid: It is a hybrid of tangible and intangible crypto assets. If you miss out on bitcoin, JPGOLDCOIN is the next big thing. Investments will have dual appreciation- general cryptocurrency and gold appreciation.

 One of our goals is to ensure the JPGC token and gold certificate can be used to transact more business than most coin in the market, we are soon to announce our major business partnership with a giant firm in the middle east. Also, we have in place active effective online and offline marketing campaigns yielding results, new investors should be rest assured they are not alone.

In addition, this Main ICO Sales offers new investors the opportunity to join our VIP CLUB.

VIP CLUB Benefits

  • Attendance to live sessions with JPGOLDCOIN founder
  • $100 JPGOLDCOIN Amazon gift card
  • Ticket to attend our coming events
  • JPGOLDCOIN Branded gift Item
  • Exclusive attendance to our Q&A sessions with the founder of JPGOLDCOIN
  • Bonus tokens


PS: Only investors with at least 2500 JPGC purchased during Main ICO Sales becomes VIP CLUB members

It is important to emphasised that JPGOLDCOIN is the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market, regardless of market volatility its profitability is guaranteed. Join the JPGOLDCOINERS, when the offer is still $1.