Libra Nodes Live on ‘Pre-Mainnet,’ Roadmap Confirms

Libra Nodes Live on ‘Pre-Mainnet,’ Roadmap Confirms
Developers of Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra, have released a new roadmap outlining steps toward its Mainnet launch.
On 2nd Oct, Libra foundation published the update highlighting the various points of interest for both developers and those who operate the protocol's nodes. Mainnet PreparationsAlthough being a testnet, Libra aims to iron out technical challenges prior to a mainnet launch, even without an official launch date.
The roadmap reads: “Launching the Testnet has allowed the team to quickly improve Libra Core by making it easy to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve software edge cases.
The Testnet demonstrates Libra network functionality and provides early access to developers. Following the Testnet, we hope to have a successful launch of the Libra Mainnet.”Pre-Mainnet nodesLibra creators have also created a staging environment dubbed “Pre-Mainnet” which is currently only accessible to partner nodes to allow them to connect to each other. Several partners “have already deployed their nodes and have them communicating,” the roadmap states, adding:“We expect to have more partners coming online shortly. We want to ensure the Libra network can meet rigorous performance benchmarks and overall system stability before opening access.”Libra's issues with regulatorsLibra continue to face various hurdles following its initial announcement several months ago but this week, it emerged but several potential node operators had concerns about their regulatory standing by being involved in the project.
Prior to that, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared unwilling to confirm previous assumptions that Libra would launch in late 2020.