ECOSC blockchain platform for digital oil and gas supply

ECOSC blockchain platform for digital oil and gas supply

We are pleased that in the early stages of our launch, our ECOSC project has become a valuable resource for many oil and gas businesses. Today it is developing successfully. And it is fair to say that the development of ECOSC is not only the merit of the blockchain, smart contracts and trading on the Coinsbit and Probit exchanges. Active development of the project is due to the user and eponymous platform ECOSC.
Prerequisites for the creation of the platform
We are confident that advanced technologies will become revolutionaries in the energy sector. Therefore, the basis of our project is blockchain. But, in parallel with this, using the example of state blockchains, we realized that the use of technology is only half the success. Our team decided to create a user platform with a clear interface that people could use even without a digital education.

The result was a complete ecosystem, the participants of which were able to:

reduce costs, reduce losses and improve the optimization of your business;
track supply chain progress in real-time, as well as verify transaction information;
build and grow your business without human error and fraud;
carry out deliveries and other processes without the participation of third parties;
Perform fast processing and reconciliation of documents using the platform, which speeds up transactions.
Benefits of the ECOSC Platform
Security and data reliability. The ECOSC platform works on blockchain technology, which helps all its participants to successfully develop their companies through a reliable data management system and a secure mechanism for their transfer.

Equity transactions. All partnership agreements within the platform are implemented through smart contracts that monitor the fulfillment of the terms of the transaction and the fair payment for them.

Reliable counterparties. In order to increase the accountability and reliability of cooperation, company names, license numbers, training certificates and employee experience history are recorded on the blockchain. This approach reduces the activity of fraudsters in the oil and gas market.

Processing information about raw materials. The oil and gas market collects huge amounts of information about processed end products - from unsuitable raw materials to finished consumer goods. The platform through smart contracts reduces the processing time needed for long processes and increase efficiency.

Streamlining work. For many, blockchain and smart contracts seem like something terribly incomprehensible. But, users of our platform use these technologies as easily as they withdraw money from ATMs and monitor the flow of finances through banking applications.

The ECOSC platform is ready to use! Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to increase the profitability of the business, as well as make it more loyal, easier and safer:

More information about the project is available here:

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